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Is Sunscreen Safe?

In addition to exercise and a proper diet, the other major element we need to focus on are the toxins in our environment we can control and products that we use. Let’s talk Sunscreen.

Is Sunscreen safe?

Yes it’s a thing. Sadly majority of the products on the market are loaded with toxic ingredients that people load their skin with in fear of burning or preventing skin cancer.

2 major Facts:

1. Sunscreens with high SPF, give false security. Overpromising protection, they do not provide adequate UVA ray protection and also pose a risk of cancer. The higher the spf the lower the UVA protection. So while they might help you from getting a sunburn; at the same time they are suppressing your immune system and creating harmful free radicals in the skin (which are affect collagen, wrinkles, loose skin etc) as well as increasing risk of melanoma.

2. Toxic Ingredients; Many of the sunscreens on the market contain highly toxic ingredients that have the potential to cause cancer and can also affect hormonal systems. So while we think we are protecting ourselves we are actually causing much more harm.

So how can you safely protect your skin from the sun?

Fortunately there are some great products on the market if you know what to look for! The main ingredient in your sunscreen should be Zinc, so finding an all natural zinc based sun screen is the way to go. And remember Vitamin D is good for you! So use safe products and expose yourself a little more during early AM and late PM for your dose of Vitamin D.

Happy Sun Fun!!

Feel free to DM for more info or recommendations xx

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